Donation Reminder

Donation Reminder

Author: Chris Buckley/Wednesday, January 12, 2022/Categories: Uncategorized

We just wanted to give a friendly reminder regarding donations to PCC. As you know, we are only accepting donations of food, clothing and personal care items at this time. Please do not bring us any items that do not fit into one of those categories. We appreciate the generosity of the community we live in, but we are often times overwhelmed with clothing donations. When donating clothes please make sure that your clothing is in "gently" used condition and free of stains, tears and obvious wear. We would greatly appreciate donations of clothing that is currently in season. We often run out of storage for clothing that is not in season. A good rule of thumb when donating clothes is this...If your overbearing, picky mother-in-law would find fault with what you're bringing in, then don't donate it.  When donating food and personal care items, please make sure that your items are not expired.

We accept donations M-Th from 9-4:30pm and Fridays from 9-2:30pm. We ask that you please do not drop off donations outside our building after-hours. Because we don't know who is dropping off these items and who/what has gone through them, we are forced to throw them away.

Finally, our staff & volunteers work hard to provide all our donors a positive and friendly experience. If you try and donate items we do not accept they will politely let you know we cannot accept them and offer you alternative organizations where you can donate them. Please don't argue or yell at our staff for enforcing our policies and/or not providing you with alternative organizations that you don't care for. We work very hard to make sure that your donation goes to a good home and that your experience with PCC is a postive one.

Thank you to EVERYONE who donates to PCC and helps us Make Life Better for families in our community!


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