Portage Community Center

For 43 years the Portage Community Center has been the only human services organization in the City of Portage.  We help Portage residents with emergency assistance, youth development as well as several hosted programs.  It is our goal to Make Life Better for those in our community!

Board of Directors
President Kirk Mason
President Elect Justin Horn
Secretary Carrie Klein
Treasurer Randy Orwig
Past President Jeremy Zonts
Board Members
Chad Alvord Steve Clark

Ben Cohen

Valerie Dekam
Kate Hemingway Joel Kushner
Kurt Lentner Jen Maynard
Steven McLaughlin Scott McQueen
Nick O' Hare Deb Polderman
Collin Rosenbaum

Chris Stys

Alison Thomas  


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2018-19 Annual Report


Chris Buckley
Chris Buckley
Executive Director

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Liz Gunnett
Liz Gunnett

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Elisa Zemlick
Elisa Zemlick
Emergency Assistance Coordinator

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Kirk Lowis
Kirk Lowis
Youth Development Manager

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Ian Kelley
Ian Kelley
Youth Development Coordinator  

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James Vallar
James Vallar
Beverly White

Please note our closing policy.  If Western Michigan University or Kalamazoo Valley Community College close due to inclement weather, Portage Community Center will also be closed.  This includes all hosted services, food pantry and clothing bar.  All closing notifications will be broadcast on WWMT Channel 3.

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