Items we are always accepting are food and clothing.  We ask that clothing be clean and in good condition.  Food items must not have been previously opened or past their experation date.  Donations can be dropped off M-Th from 9-4:30pm and Fridays 9-2:30pm.


We will begin accepting donations starting JULY 12

Items most needed at this time include:

Body Wash              Face Wash               Women's deodorant           Lotion       Q-tips          Razors            Conditioner          Women's shaving cream       mouthwash

floss           tampons                    bed pads                pull ups     toilet paper      kleenex       dish soap              laundry detergent        household cleaner


PCC Donation Wish List (current as of 6/8/21)



PCC will soon be ready to start accepting your donations again!  Starting Monday July 12th, we will begin accepting donations of food, clothing and personal care items again.  We understand the entire community has had a chance to clean out their home during the past 18 months.  We greatly appreciate your understanding as we’ve tried to navigate these difficult times during the pandemic.  While we are excited to see all your generous, smiling faces again we do have a few new guidelines in place regarding donations.  These are:

  • We are only accepting donations of clothing, food and personal care items (shampoo, soap, laundry detergent etc…).  If your items do not fall into one of those categories, we cannot accept them.
    • When considering whether or not to donate clothes, please consider the condition and style before donating.  We only have limited space for presenting donations and we want to be able to provide nice, gently used and generally stylish and timely clothing as options for our guests.  A good rule-of-thumb, “If you wouldn’t give it to your judgmental mother-in-law, don’t donate it.”
  • Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting donations of household items, toys, stuffed animals, Beanie Babies, VHS tapes, small appliances etc...  If you have these items to donate we ask that you consider donating them to Goodwill, Salvation Army or another worthy organization.
  • We are happy to accept your donations Mon-Thurs. from 9-4:30pm and Friday’s from 9-2:30pm.


  We know you have all been ready for PCC to begin accepting donations again.  All we ask is that you that you please abide by our guidelines.  We are excited to welcome you all back to our newly renovated and remodeled facility.  Thank you for your patience and for helping us Make Life Better!


Items PCC Does Not Accept

**Anything that is NOT clothing, food or personal care items we will no longer accept.**

Items such as, but not limited to this list, include:

  • car seats
  • cribs
  • high chairs
  • beds/mattresses
  • bicycles and scooters
  • helmets of any kind
  • knives (including kitchen knives)
  • VHS tapes
  • furntiure
  • TVs
  • dressers
  • any furniture or large household items
  • microwaves
  • pack n plays
  • toys
  • stuffed animals
  • Beanie Babies
  • athletic equipment
  • Medical equipment.  If you have medical equipment to donate, please contact Lending Hands to donate.